April 28, 2014

First Mistake of Parents (Dental Health)

Not taking care of baby teeth
” The biggest myth I see is that there is no need to clean or care for baby teeth anyway because they go down to the child ,” says Francisco Ramos , professor of children’s dentistry at the University of California at Los Angeles ( UCLA ) .

Prevention is essential to keep teeth healthy and temporary . It is recommended that dental care begins early, as soon as you get the first baby tooth ( for most babies around 4-6 months).

It is vital that teeth that have cavities are restored , although with time, these are lost. ” Some babies when they sprout rabbit milk , which are the last to leave, and leave these infected because dental care had hitherto been little or no ” says Negron .

Furthermore, the same infections suffered baby teeth are transmitted to the mixed and permanent dentition. “Many parents believe that baby teeth do not need attention because they will fall very fast. However , many children , especially little boys , are the last teeth fall to 12 , 13 and up to 14 years,” says Negron .

Baby teeth are very important because they guide the permanent teeth to the right place .
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April 20, 2014

Second Mistake: No treat cavities of children and parents

For pediatric dentist Tyrone Rodriguez , founder of the dental clinic Dental SmileSonrisaS in Moses Lake, in the state of Washington , the biggest myth that has faced is that ” many parents think that cavities can be removed with brushing ” .

No toothpaste or medicine can cure dental caries, a bacterial infection that continues to this question. The cavities appear in the teeth as white spots , deposits of plaque or tartar and can even cause small fractures or cavities. The dentist must remove damaged and diseased tissue and then fill the tooth with a special paste or amalgam.

The myth that exposes Rodriguez was evident in the results of the survey “Latinos Confession and talk about the care of their teeth ,” which made ​​the HDA (which was sponsored by Crest ® and Oral- B ® Procter & Gamble ) . Were asked whether they believed Hispanics cavities disappear over time by brushing . 70% answered correctly, compared with 94 % of the general population.

The belief that just brushing with tooth decay may also be reflected in the high rate of cases of untreated decay among Latino children .

” Many people are unaware that caries is an infectious and transmissible disease. ‘s Not just important to treat oral infections of children, but also for Dads, siblings and caregivers ” says Rodriguez.

The main culprit of tooth decay , is a bacterium called Streptococcus mutans, and many studies show that early colonization of the infant’s mouth by the bacteria is through the saliva of adults, especially mothers , sharing utensils or kiss him on the mouth, for example .

Other precautions suggested by the experts to avoid spreading bacteria to your child that can be harmful to your oral health includes the following list:

Do not share utensils . You must not share spoons, forks , napkins, toothbrushes, or other utensil with your children.
Do not drink from a bottle or cup of the child. It is preferable to place a spoon in a little bit of content to prove it.
Do not blow the kids meal to cool . Better to let the food cool one .
Do not put the pacifier in your mouth to clean it. Instead , wash quickly with hot water and dry it with a paper towel .
Do not kiss children on the mouth. This demonstration so common among some parents affection, experts advise against because the large number of adults have bacteria in the mouth can be transmitted to the child.
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April 2, 2014

First visit to Dentist

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) that children go to the dentist for the first time to their first birthday.

Regular dental visits help detect and control potential problems and through these, the dentist will teach you how to care and clean your teeth properly your little one. “Many parents take children to the dentist too late, when there is pain or problems


March 28, 2014

When children can brush their teeth alone?

brushing-teeth-childIt is impossible for young children ‘s teeth right way to brush alone . Most of them brush their mouths with the sole intention of sucking or eating the toothpaste, which probably has a rich strawberry flavored gum or creep . So the help of parents is essential, especially when they are very tiny .

Also, if children ‘s mouth without adult supervision brush , you may do so quickly and not for 2 minutes, as suggested by dentists. It is also recommended that children brush their teeth at least 2 times a day.

It is not until around age 8, when children can brush their own teeth , experts say .

But even after that age , parents should ensure that children ‘s teeth are brushed properly and also to remind them . “Parents ‘own’ the teeth of the children until they are 18.” “I encourage parents to brush their teeth with their children and sing or dance while doing it. It can turn into a fun activity.”
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